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Getting married is a joyous event that should be a day for the record books. Part of that is making sure that you look absolutely stunning when you walk down the aisle. If you are interested in doing your makeup yourself as opposed to hiring a professional makeup artist, here are some wedding day makeup tips you don’t want to miss.

1. Waterproof Mascara Is Essential

Even if you believe that you are not going to cry like a baby once you get married, wear waterproof mascara anyway. This will prevent streaks from running down your face and causing a real wedding day horror story. If you are one of those ladies who avoids this kind of mascara (like me) because it is heavier than the type you typically use, here is a little trick: Apply one coat of your normal brand, then follow that up with a very light coat of the waterproof type. This will offer the protection you are looking for without worrying about your lashes feeling like they are 15 pounds.

2. Create A Better You

One problem that brides face when doing their makeup for the big day is making themselves look beautiful while maintaining their sense of self. You should be focused on enhancing your best features, like your killer eyes and great cheekbones, instead of transforming yourself into an entirely different person. You don’t want to look at your wedding photos later and feel upset because you are barely recognizable.

I’m not a big fan of totally transforming yourself, and you should not be either. Focus on the great and make it look better than ever.

3. Weather Matters

When it comes to creating the perfect wedding day look, weather makes a huge difference. For example, if you are getting married on a tropical island on a day that is overly hot and humid, selecting makeup that will make you look dewy would not be a wise decision. In that case, you should choose waterproof makeup that will not run once you start sweating and a matte look that will downplay the moistness of the skin. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think it’d be fun to get married with my face looking like I just hopped out of the shower.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

This is the most important of all the wedding day makeup tips listed here. Even if you are one of those who touches up their look multiple times a day, you should still practice the look you are going for on the day of your wedding. Do not wait until you are an hour away from getting hitched to try the look for the first time. Not only should you practice, but you should do it so many times it starts to make you sick. This may seem extreme, but you want everything to be absolutely perfect when the day arrives.

5. Avoid Dense, Dark Eye Makeup

Many brides who choose to do their own makeup tend to try a more dramatic look than normal. It seems to typically involve placing dense, dark makeup on the eyes. Not only will this make you look like you are an extra in a rock video, but it can take away from the natural beauty of your eyes. It can also make people focus on your eyes so much that they don’t drink in the entire ensemble you have created.

6. Eye drops Are Essential

This is one of those wedding day makeup tips people don’t think about, but it is totally important. There have been times when I swear I am creating a killer look and I end up with red eyes afterward. You don’t want to appear to be crying, tired or anything other than thrilled to be getting married to the love of your life. This is why having eye drops around is a necessity, not a choice.

Oh yeah, use a brand that you are familiar with. You don’t want to use anything that may be irritating and make things any worse than they already are.

7. Test Your Makeup On Camera

Is it really possible to discuss wedding day makeup tips without any mention of cameras? The way that makeup appears when you are randomly walking around is not the same as it will be once you are under certain lighting conditions in front of a camera. You should always take a few shots outside and/or with the flash on to see how you look. If you notice anything wrong, you can make adjustments accordingly. If you hire a makeup artist, ask  to them about airbrush makeup and see if it would be a good benefit for you.

8. Body Makeup Is Key

When I apply makeup, I tend to focus on my body as well, especially if I am going to be showing a bit of skin. You should consider this point when you are deciding on the right look. One key issue some have is a face that looks perfect, yet it is the polar opposite of how the body looks. You should apply some makeup to your body to make sure that it complements your face instead of detracting from it.

9. Get A Cortisone Shot

It can be difficult to cover up acne blemishes, especially if this is not something you deal with on a regular basis. If you notice any huge pimples lurking on the sidelines, head to a dermatologist and have them give you a cortisone shot. This will shrink the offensive bugger and ensure you have no problems once the wedding day is here.

10. Hire A Pro

Unfortunately, some people will never be good with makeup, no matter how hard they try. Instead of settling for a less than glamorous look, call our Los Angeles wedding makeup professionals and make an appointment for a consultation. While this probably goes against the idea of being an economical Wonder Woman and creating a killer look on your own, it will guarantee things turn out perfect.

You do not want the day of your nuptials to be stuck in everyone’s mind because you did not look as stunning as you would have liked. In order to eliminate this outcome, remember all the advice you were offered.

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