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Flawless, healthy, glowing skin is always in no matter what the season. I am constantly asked by my clients how to get “The J-Lo Glow”, or as I like to call it “The Glow From Within”. Though it’s not always easy to achieve this look, here is an easy-to-use makeup product that makes it effortless to have illuminating skin.

The Beauty Buy :: This lovely product is the Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer, a liquid multipurpose illuminizer. How does it works and why is it so amazing? Unlike most “illuminizing” makeup products that have too much shimmer or glitter particles, this product’s key ingredients are mica and iron oxides, which are both natural minerals. When grounded together, it turns into a super dense fine powder that adds a beautiful iridescent radiant shine without leaving your skin looking too shimmery. This product can be used on all ages and skin types, even someone with oily skin can wear this product and it will hold its place all day.

Application & Technique :: Since this product is sheer coverage and very lightweight, it is very versatile to use – it can be used as a base, mixed in with your favorite moisturizer, foundation or even as a highlighter dabbed along cheekbones and topped with blush for a healthy glowing illuminizing sheen. My tool of choice when using this product is a synthetic mixed fiber blending brush such as MAC Cosmetics #187 Short Duo Fiber Brush or Bdellium #965 Duo Fiber Brush.

Simply mix product of choice (i.e. moisturizer or foundation) with 2-3 pumps of Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer #2. L inightly buff both productsto skin and then apply blush of choice to apples of cheeks. If you like to set your makeup with powder, try using a translucent powder such as Make Up Forever’s HD Powder. This will set the makeup without covering up the illuminating agents in Giorgio Armani’s Fluid Sheer.

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