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How Much Is A Wedding Makeup Artist

By April 15, 2017May 18th, 2017Makeup Artist

Getting ready for your big day takes a lot of planning. Many women start checking out reception halls and wedding gowns as soon as the engagement ring goes on their finger. However, your makeup is an equally important part of your big day. If you are wondering how much is a wedding makeup artist and what to expect, let us clear up the considerations that will help you make the right choice.


This is your wedding day, not the chance for your cousin/neighbor/whoever to experiment with some cool look they saw in a fashion magazine. You deserve to have experienced makeup artists like Shannella Dupuis and our team handle your makeup affairs.

At MBS Makeup, you can see multiple photos on our website and social media accounts to see proof of the excellent services we have provided to many beautiful brides. There are also websites and Yelp reviews that showcase the work we have done for brides in the past. You deserve to have a makeup team that has a proven track record and is recognized as a leader in the industry.


While experience is great, so is using the correct products. Before hiring any makeup artist, you should inquire about the brands of makeup and application tools used by the staff. If you aren’t sure about some of them, check out the brand names for yourself. Many of the top makeup manufacturers used by professional artists have websites and information for the public to peruse. At MBS Makeup, we are proud to only use the best in the business!


Practically anyone can claim to be a professional makeup artist, even if they just have a makeup tote in the back of their van. However, you deserve better than that for your wedding day. You need to hire a wedding makeup artist who works out of a legitimate physical location, complete with business cards and associated business credentials.

Along with that, a professional team will have developed an online reputation for always showing up on time and providing contracts to give you the peace of mind needed leading up to the big day. Professionals like us offer a trial makeup before the big event. This will allow you to see exactly what you and your bridesmaids will look like on your wedding day.


One of the factors involved in answering how much is a wedding makeup artist is time. The more extensive the services, the more time involved. For instance, if you are having makeup done just for yourself, there will be a smaller bill than if you have service for the entire wedding party.

Also, if the makeup artist is going to do your hair or that of your bridesmaids, the cost will go up. However, in return, you have a continuity of presentation that will ensure your wedding photos look fantastic. At MBS Makeup, we can also do the hair and makeup for your mom, his mom or other special members of your party if you would like.

Travel-Related Expenses

The time of your makeup artist is precious, as it is with any profession. While you might not be charged for a visit to the studio or a nearby venue, the greater the distance, the more the compensation. Your makeup artist deserves more pay if they must travel to another city, state or even country.

With the popularity of destination weddings, this is a common expense that you should not overlook. In addition, if the artist must stay overnight, there could be additional financial needs related to lodging that are included in the overall package.


As with a daily makeup application, you will pay more if you have additional needs in your makeup routine for the day. For instance, you might to have some hair extensions or combs added in to your look or that of your bridesmaids to ensure that everyone has the perfect frame for their faces.

For those with thinning or shorter lashes, false lashes can be a perfect way to ensure that your eyes “pop” for your wedding. Likewise, if you need other luxury items incorporated into your service, there will be charges related to the products and applications.

As you can see, answering the question “how much is a wedding makeup artist” is complicated. There is no one set fee. In fact, if someone gives you a flat quote without discussing all of these issues, you should be concerned. Professionals understand that the process of pricing is intricately intertwined with the services you receive.

However, most brides find that the expenses associated with having a real professional handle their makeup are far worth it. Instead of wasting your time worrying about the application process and trying to do it yourself or trusting a discount worker to do it for you, you deserve to have a pro handle your makeup needs.

Your wedding is one of the most special events of your life. You deserve the peace of mind associated with knowing that every aspect is being professionally taken care of. Just as you want the band to have experience and references, you need to know that your makeup artist is capable of handling your makeup needs. The right services can alleviate many of the pressures associated with your big day, allowing you to relax and enjoy joining your life with that of your beloved. To get a quote, please call us today!

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