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We will provide On-Location services, anywhere you desire. We understand that your wedding day is the most important and most photographed day of your life we guarantee exceptional services and professionalism. You can walk down the aisle with confidence knowing that you look your absolute best! We are dedicated to serving our brides with the highest level of care.

Best Wedding Makeup Artist in Los Angeles


Every single bride wants to look their finest for their big day. They want to look good for themselves, their groom, and the photographers. With this in mind, it is important that the products used are able to look natural and enhance your natural glow for the day. It should also compliment your attire and overall appearance. Considering you have so much on your mind for the big day, this is a job left to the professionals of MBS Makeup. We are dedicated to providing you a flawless and timeless look on the day of your big event.

Giving You Your Skin Back


Our professional team of artists will take the time to analyze your skin and offer you a recommendation on how we can improve your skin both in person and on camera. This will enable us to provide an impeccable application for your big day. Our professional makeup artist team will provide your with the best makeup for your skin type and use the proper application to ensure it is well blended to help you glow and look natural.

Expertise And Expertise


We will highlight the features that make you look your best and contour away any imperfections. Our artists can align your brows to frame your eyes perfectly and cover up that anxiety pimple that appeared out of nowhere. Have you ever looked at someone’s wedding photos and wondered why they looked so washed out? More than likely it was due to the use of an SPF foundation, that literally made them lose their color during the flash. We are experts in what we do and will make you look good in person as well as the photos by choosing the right colors.

All About You


This is a day you are always going to remember and you will look back at it through video and photos. We know that you are more than capable of putting on your everyday makeup, but your wedding is different. You want professionals who are going to make you look stunning for your groom and the photos you will look at for years to come.

The Cost of Perfection


There are far too many brides who believe they can do a good job themselves. They end up going out and buying hundreds of dollars worth of cosmetics and brushes which are only going to be used one time. Then on the moment of their big day, they find they are just too nervous to even apply those expensive cosmetic products. While we get those wedding day jitters every single time, we are professionals and will leave you looking and feeling flawless. Today is your day and the last thing you want to worry about is your makeup and your appearance. Don’t worry, we are here for you!

Is it worth it?


When hiring our Los Angeles wedding makeup artist Shannella Dupuis, you can be certain you will be receiving only the best in the industry. With over 10 years of experience, Shannella is ready to make you bid day run with ease. You are going to come across quite a few artists in the L.A. area claiming they can do your makeup super cheap. More often than not, these “professionals” are lacking the experience that our team has developed over the years. We have built a solid reputation across our social media accounts like Google, Facebook, and Yelp and our incredible portfolio can be seen on our website. Your face and hair will be in good hands come wedding day.

Smile For The Camera


Our team of artists will have you and your bridesmaids looking beautiful and radiant in person and for photographs. The products that we apply will remain flawless and last all day and night. We are going to do everything to ensure that you and your bridesmaids are gorgeous.

A Stress-Free Environment


Our team will arrive at your location for wedding hair and makeup duties. They have the experience and personality to make any stressful situation seem like a relaxed environment. They will help you let go of any jitters and enjoy the experience of being pampered before your wedding. With our team coming to you, it is going to save you time and make the day much easier.

It’s More Than Just Makeup


A bride’s hair is just as important as her makeup, it should look natural and gorgeous on this important day. We provide full wedding hair & makeup, meaning it is one less person for you to have to hire. This also ensures that your wedding hair and wedding makeup compliment each other perfectly.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. It is not about saving money or doing everything yourself. It about getting top quality professionals who are going to have your best interests at heart and having that perfect look on your special day. Let us help you have the perfect look on your wedding day.

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