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(om·bré-in which the color is graduated from light to dark or dark to light)

I think we’ve all been a bit skeptical about the real world application of ombre lips, fear of looking like the girl whose lipliner was too dark or not filled in quite properly. But I’m going to share a few simple steps and the “must-have” products for this season to create the perfect red ombre lip, Rich berry edges with a bright cherry center.

Application and Technique::

This look works best if your lips are silky smooth and moisturized. First your going to want to exfoliate your lips try using some raw sugar mixed with a little bit of lip balm this will remove any dead skin and hydrate your lips creating the perfect canvas to start your ombre lip. My products of choice for prepping the lip are Fresh’s lip sugar scrub and “rosebud salve” lip balm.

Start of by lining outer corners of lip with lipliner the is the darkest shade we will be using I choose MAC cosmetic’s “Nightmoth” shade resembles a blackend plum, If this is your first time applying a darker lipliner don’t be afraid if at first it looks a bit goth we will be going over most of lipliner with lipstick. Once your outer corners of lip are lined we can now apply lipstick

Once your outer corners of lip are lined we can now apply lipstick I’ve chosen MAC’s “Ruby Woo” I picked this shade because it has more of blue undertone similar to a bright cherry red. The trick to creating this look is using a lip brush my favorite lip brush this season is from BITE cosmetics. Dip lip brush into Ruby-Woo lipstick filing in the entire lip area slightly going over lipliner, blending to perfection. If you feel that lipliner is no longer even on outer corners go ahead and re-apply liner over lipstick in the areas you feel as needed.

Our last step and what really pulls this look all together is lipgloss, I choose a gloss from Limecrime cosmetic’s called “Candy Apple” which is a deep ruby red with a light glitter reflects. Apply lipgloss in the center of the lip gently blending hues together into a soft wash. This will give your lips a three-dimensional effect and complete the perfect red ombre lip for this Holiday season.

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